The History Of Club Penguin

Some Of This Information IsFrom Wikipedia.

Club Penguin was developed by New Horizon Interactive. And was published by Disney.

It all started on: October 24, 2005 but, that date is actually when Club Penguin was launched.

The original Club Penguin, which is actually called Penguin Chat Three was playable at Rocketsnail.combut when they launchedClub Penguin, they closed down rocketsnail. They sold Club Penguin to Disney for a lot of money. (Probably In The Millions).And here are some charts of parties, plays, and other stuff on Club Penguin:

2005 – 2006:

  • Club Penguin Got 15,000 Users
  • Beta Testing Begun
  • Club Penguin’s 1st Anniversary
  • Beta Testers Got 1 Month Free Membership And Got To Keep The First Anniversary Hat
  • Rockhopper’s First Visit

2006 – 2007:

  • Stage Was Released
  • ???????????
  • ??????????
  • ?????????
  • ?????????????

2007 – 2008:

  • Western Party
  • Water Party
  • Penguin Olympics Party

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