Logo & Header Shop

You can request a logo or a header for your blog here.

For a logo:

Email me the playercards of the penguins you want to be in the logo. And you could tell me what background you want.

And for a header, you need to email your playercard too. And what it should say.And you have to tell me if you want an animated header or not.If you want an animated header, just tell me what you wantYou can comment it hereor, you can email me. My email is: dclyde18@yahoo.ca

Logo Examples:

Header Examples:









11 Responses to “Logo & Header Shop”

  1. giggle 9090 Says:

    hury up

  2. giggle 9090 Says:

    im getting board

  3. dclyde18 Says:

    I’m still doing the examples!

  4. To 10Paperyoshi ~Dclyde18~ « 10paperyoshi Says:

    […] If you want a new header, just go to this link: https://dclyde18.wordpress.com/logo-header-shop-in-construction/ and comment what you want. Do you want the text to be fancy wordart, or just plain text. You can […]

  5. zachchevy Says:

    Hey Thanks For The Help!!! I would like a animated banner for my site:
    I would like it to be the same banner that I have now on my site but the heads popping up one at a time. Do you get it??? Hopefully you do. When you are finished please email me at zach.chevy@yahoo.com.
    ~Thanks A Lot!!!

  6. zachchevy Says:

    on my last comment i said the same banner but can you have behind the penguin heads lightening instead??? Thanks
    ~Zach Chevy

  7. zachchevy Says:

    Ok Zach Chevy here!!! What i meant is my website is http://www.zachchevy.wordpress.com. You see the header on my site??? Well can you use that header and make it animated??? I would like the heads to come up and down. Please reply to my email at zach.chevy@yahoo.com as soon as possible!!!

    Thanks again,
    ~Zach Chevy

  8. zachchevy Says:

    If you cant make what i asked for last, Can you just make me an animated header for my site, http://www.zachchevy.wordpress.com??? I would like it to say Team Club Penguin On It!!!
    Thanks again-again,
    Zach Chevy

  9. imran99 Says:

    Dclyde can u make a banner for me?
    if u can make the background flames and Ill email u my Penguin and put my penguin on one side and ur penguin on the other(since ur my administraror)And make the writing say
    “Rockseean A.K.A Imran99

  10. imran99 Says:

    actually i want an animated one

  11. imran99 Says:

    Do that top one and make ur own with me and u plz

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