Funny Pics

I was stuck there for FIVE days. I needed to pee. Too bad I couldn’t hold it. Because there were girls there having a party on the iceburg and they saw me pee. 😦 😦 😦
Hmmm… I’ll just steal this cake…
Harry Potter Penguin
Harry Potter!
Hermione Granger Penguin
Hermione Granger!
Ron Weasley Penguin
Ron Weasley!

20 Responses to “Funny Pics”

  1. giggle 9090 Says:


  2. giggle 9090 Says:

    you still dident give me that cookie

  3. dclyde18 Says:

    That is not sick!!!
    It’s just an edit!!!

  4. giggle 9090 Says:

    that it is sick too

  5. giggle 9090 Says:

    oh ya what about watex hes your enemy not friend or should i say fever

  6. rockseean Says:

    that is funny

  7. dclyde18 Says:


  8. giggle 9090 Says:

    make other ones ok

  9. giggle 9090 Says:

    like put somthing funny like you driving a car on club penguin and runing over other penguins

  10. dclyde18 Says:

    Ya, about that, you ARE a member here. So why don’t you you make it andm email me it.

  11. giggle 9090 Says:

    ummm i cant

  12. giggle 9090 Says:

    and how do you log on and off

  13. dclyde18 Says:

    What Do You Mean By “Log On And Off”

  14. giggle 9090 Says:

    you know llike on club penguin log off log on you now

  15. giggle 9090 Says:

    i meanknow

  16. giggle 9090 Says:

    stop making astakes

  17. giggle 9090 Says:

    never mind

  18. giggle 9090 Says:


  19. Darkbane 77 Says:

    Nice funny pics, and im hapy that yout in my site team!

  20. itachi564 Says:


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