Arctic antics coupons and codes!

Stil In Progress. Please Check Back!

Coupon Codes:








Wheel (Credit to Louis Birch)

school (Credit to Louis Birch)

Noodle (Credit to Louis Birch)









Atom (Credit goes to William)

crack the codes (Full credit goes to Tato3629)

Page # 1 –

Code 15: Redcoin

Code 16: Worntable

Code 17: Bendydog

Code 24: Bluesheep

Page # 2 –

Code 18: Oldroad

Code 19: Whitebowl

Code 20: Emptytile

Treasure Version –

Code 21: Newapple

Code 22: Neatsheep

Code 13: Goldtile

Hidden Code –  Pinkchair

Secret Combinations:

Short-Yellow-Camel (Camel points)

Old-Orange-Octupus (2nd duck points)

Little-Green-Bridge (To go to the open the box page)

Wide-Green Leaf (Hamster points)

Ancient-Black-Bridge (To get to a stereogram page)

New-White-House(For a gold bar)

Wide-Yellow-Shoe (For an easter egg)

New-Yellow-Kite (To get to five second madness)


8 Responses to “Arctic antics coupons and codes!”

  1. New Page! « Dclyde18’s Weblog Says:

    […] Filed under: 1 — dclyde18 @ 6:08 am This Is The New Page: Full Arctic Antics GuideBut It’s Still Not […]

  2. dclyde18 Says:

    I Can’t Believe I Just Started This Page! I Should’ve Done This Wayyyyyy Before

  3. dclyde18 Says:

    This Page Isn’t Finished Yet.

  4. floyd8 Says:


  5. floyd8 Says:

    when are you going to finish? i finished my arcticantics guide way before you! i could help you but you don’t want me to be adminster so i cant help you with your arcticantics guide.

  6. dclyde18 Says:

    No. It’s not that. I just forgot some parts of the treasure hunt. And I’m saving an administrator spot for a contest I’m having soon.

  7. floyd8 Says:

    ok then have it your way! sorry! i’m having a contest in my blog too. when it reaches 1,000. the prize is one rare penguin and gets to be an author on my blog! but i’m still thinking of the prizes!

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    I clicked on the emoticon ad and all i got was virus-full equipment ads begging you to join!
    Dclyde18:Well, Sorry! I’ts been a long time and I didn’t finish it yet… so there must have been a secret word or something… VERY SORRY!

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