Cheats & Glitches

Special Dances With Different Clothes On:

  1. Go to Club Penguin and log in.
  2. Go select your country and a server.
  3. Then, wear the clothes you want.
  4. After that, close your player card then open it again.
  5. Then, you take all your clothes off. Next you have towear any type of clothing that has a special dance with it. (red hard hat, yellow hard hat with light, maracas,etc.)
  6. Then Dance! And Thats all you need to do.

Talking with The Newspaper Cheat:

Doesn’t Work Anymore.

  1. Go to the forest and go to the bottom left side.
  2. Open the newspaper and click on the “Ask Aunt Arctic” Button.
  3. Then go to the page where it says: “Send A Question” and click on it.
  4. Click on the text box and press enter.
  5. Type in something and press enter to say it!
  6. Now you should be able to type in your chatbar and still be holding the newspaper!

Play Music In Your Igloo Without A Furniture Item That Can Play Music Glitch:

By Giggle 9090

1. Go to your igloo.

2. Get your music thing out.

3. Put the music on.

4. Don’t turn it off and put it in your furnitureinventory and you have music playing with no music things out



25 Responses to “Cheats & Glitches”

  1. giggle 9090 Says:

    I know how to break dance on club penguin 1. first sit 2. then keep on pressing the arrow keys then your break dancing 🙂

  2. giggle 9090 Says:


  3. giggle 9090 Says:


  4. giggle 9090 Says:


  5. giggle 9090 Says:


  6. giggle 9090 Says:


  7. floyd8 Says:

    hey dclyde18 i’ve added you into my blogroll.
    And thanks for the nice comments you gave me on my blog!!


  8. giggle 9090 Says:

    what about me

  9. dclyde18 Says:

    You Don’t Have Your Own Blog. You Work Here.

  10. giggle 9090 Says:

    i now a glitch this is only for members who have have furniture that makes music 1.go to your igloo 2.get your music thing out 3. put the music on 4. dont turn it off and put it in your furniture inventory and you have music playing with no music things out WARNIG:YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE MUSIC

  11. giggle 9090 Says:

    i messed up warning

  12. giggle 9090 Says:

    and know

  13. dclyde18 Says:

    I can’t wait to see you, Jimmy, and my other friends!!! 😀 😉 😆 🙂

  14. Jimmy 2468 Says:

    Here’s how to freeze when you’re dancing:
    First dance then press d and hold it to freeze let go to keep dancing (This glitch works best with any type of hardhat).

  15. Jimmy 2468 Says:

    =( ‘.’ )=

  16. Jimmy 2468 Says:

    =( ‘.’ )=

  17. Jimmy 2468 Says:

    ( ‘.’ )

  18. Jimmy 2468 Says:

    bunny wlth no wiskers ( wiskers didnt work as you can see my first two tries)

  19. Jimmy 2468 Says:


  20. Jimmy 2468 Says:

    Cool random stuff ^

  21. Itachi 564 Says:

    = ( . )=
    ()() **reply to the bunny post. I can make whiskers!

  22. Itachi 564 Says:

    darn spaces dont work…

  23. Jimmy 2468 Says:

    told you so

  24. itachi564 Says:


  25. itachi564 Says:

    I dont think the first cheat works anymore.

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