About Me (Dclyde18)

I used to like Club Penguin as much as you do. Now I don’t. LOL I’ll (try to) still post. My penguin name on CP is: Dclyde18 (Duh?!) and my arctic antics name is the same.

Until Then…Waddle On!

From Dclyde18

P.S. I am now a member because Blowight gave me a memership! Thanks!

Wow, this page was way fuller the last time I edited it!

Here Is A Picture Of My Penguin (As A Member):



19 Responses to “About Me (Dclyde18)”

  1. giggle 9090 Says:

    you said i was bad too

  2. dclyde18 Says:

    I didn’t say you were bad! Why would I say that??? You’re part of my team remember????

  3. blowsight10 Says:

    hey dude , it iz now uploaded so enjoy!! 😀 8) :mrgreen: 😉

  4. dclyde18 Says:


  5. rockseean Says:

    wuts yur email?

  6. dclyde18 Says:

    Why do you ask? Here: dclyde18@yahoo.ca

  7. giggle 9090 Says:

    whos blowsight and rockseean

  8. dclyde18 Says:

    Um. New Friends!

  9. giggle 9090 Says:

    why did you put um it sounds like your lying

  10. giggle 9090 Says:

    or is it your girlfriend **gasp**

  11. blowsight10 Says:

    nooo way dude!! totally not girlfriend!

  12. dclyde18 Says:

    Yeah! we’re not boyfriend girlfriend! And I’m not lying! We’re just friends! right Blowsight?

  13. blowsight10 Says:

    totalyl dude and i knoe for sure im older than u

  14. giggle 9090 Says:

    then how old are you hmmm?

  15. dclyde18 Says:

    Why are you asking? I thought I already told you when we were still in school. I’ll just tell you when school starts.

  16. dclyde18 Says:


  17. giggle 9090 Says:


  18. Creola Bouras Says:

    This site is so great that i will honor it with my comment 🙂

  19. Graig Petronella Says:

    Great article. Waiting for more.

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