Operation: Hibernation Cheats!


Today Club Penguin released The Great Snow Race and Operation: Hibernation has started. The operation starts at Toughest Mountain.

Then go to where it says “EPF Only” and you will go to The Ice Cave. Where you can pick up a free EPF item, the Infrared Tracker Helmet. Pick it up as you will need it later in the mission!

Put the Infrared Tracker Helmet on and walk down the path into the next room, you will get a message from Gary.

If you can’t read it, it says: “Wait Agent! EPF sensors are detecting a laser security system.

Be sure to put on your EPF Tracker Helmet.

I’ve teleported enough equiptment  for the entire squad at the cave entrance.”

Now complete the maze through the red lasers to reach the next maze, just make sure not to walk into any of the red lasers, as you will reset to the beginning.

Go to the ladder and it will transport you to the next maze, get the Expedition Key as you will need it later and then again complete the maze without touching any lasers.

Now this maze is a little harder, get to the end, just don’t touch the red moving lasers or normal lasers otherwise you will be  transported back to the previous room.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the final room! Gary will then send you this message:

Incase you can’t see, it says: Agent- you’ve found Herbert. Remain Calm, and please use extreme stealth from here on. I can’t teleport in the mini AC-3000 hibernation-equiptment until you disable Herbert’s security grid. Find it and shut it down. We’re counting on you. 

Lasers will then turn on in the room, to turn them off; throw a snowball at each power box and that will disable the lasers, then Gary will send you this message:

Incase you can’t see it, the message says: “ Excellent work.I’ve teleported in the parts you’ll need to build a mini AC 3000.

Carefully construct it around Herbert-making sure not to wake him. Once we turn it on, Herbert will safely fall into a deeper hibernation. Good luck.”

Once constructed it should look like this:

Then you will get another message from Gary and you will get a pin.

Great work! You’ve completed Operation: Hibernation and you will get 3 medals for this. What do you think of this Operation? I think it was awesome! Leave your thoughts below.

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2 Responses to “Operation: Hibernation Cheats!”

  1. katie Says:

    did all this but it dosen’t say mission complete

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