wheres dclyde18?


3 Responses to “wheres dclyde18?”

  1. dclyde18 Says:

    Oh, I am so sorry I haven’t been posting. My laptop is broken so I can’t really post. And i didn’t use my iPod touch because my dad took it. My laptop is still broken, sonim using my touch right now. I’ll try to post, okay? Thx for still posting Louis!

  2. louisbirch Says:

    okay! I can’t post for the next week or two whilst i settle in to my new school. thats why i haven’t been posting for the past week! Bye!

    ~louisbirchcp AKA vjmmr2

  3. Louis Birch Says:

    Hi Dclyde, sorry i haven’t been posting. I don’t think i can, this might be the end…. I’m REALLY busy with school. We both know this can’t continue…

    ~Louis Birch~

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