My “August Sneak Peek” comment


Well, I was reading the post on the cp blog, and I’m really disgusted that the mountain expedition is for members… Again!!! I mean come on people (people from cp and Disney) You’re taking away everything from non members!!! I hope they actually read the comment I submitted:

Okay, I LOVE Club Penguin, and I love your ideas, but WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE FOR MEMBERS?!?!?! I loved playing thin ice, Astro barrier, aqua grabber, jetpack Adventure, and the surfing game. But now I can’t – NO NON MEMBER CAN PLAY THE FUN PARTS OF THOSE MINI GAMES!!! Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO Be A Member!!!! And now the mountain expedition is for MEMBERS ONLY!!! And what is the point of collecting epf badges if you can’t get the elite gear unless your a member??? Just please, at least bring back the mini games for non members or let non members be part of the mountain expedition? Please! That’s all I’m asking for!

That’s it for now!! ;oD


2 Responses to “My “August Sneak Peek” comment”

  1. louisbirch Says:

    wow… ever since disney took over

  2. dclyde18 Says:

    Yup. Disney has gone far enough!!!

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