Hey guys! I have amazing news! well, you know last year all of my posts were deleted by someone (not mentioning names, but if you’ve been going here ever since well, last year, you’ll probably know who deleted them) Well, anyway, I was just browsing the internet when I thought, “Hey! why don’t I try playing penguin chat?” But then is kinda boring so I went on google and searched “penguin chat 3″ and there was a link to a youtube video that says ” How to get to penguin chat 3″ and I clicked on it and there was a link to a site that archives websites… and I tried going on pc3 but it was really slow at loading, so I thought that it would be fun looking for my blog and then… I found archives of the site! I’ll start copying the posts over here right now (it’s not copyrighting myself, lol so yeah)

~So excited Dclyde18~

Update: This doesn’t really matter but went I went to the 3rd page (I was looking for my first post) The blog looked exactly the same as it is right now except the posts are old. weird! lol

An Update To Louis Birch: OMG! go to the dashboard (of this blog) and click on the comments then spam. Read the comment! lol just wanted to let you know lol


One Response to “OMG!!!”

  1. louisbirch Says:

    wow. o.o well done and i read the comment, oh well

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