Yes, you heard me; stamps are out. Along with two new title screens-check ‘em out!Although jet pack adventure level 2+ is members only. So is soda seas on aqua grabber!As well as thin ice and astro barrier (lvl 3+) and catchin’ waves survival level! Everythings becoming about members! Here is where you find the stamps on your player card,

see? ive got 18, though i havent been on it much and im a non-member, heres what the stamp book looks like from the outside,

if your a member you can customize your book by clicking the bottom right hand pencil.Heres what it looks like from the inside,

keeping you posted;

~louis birch AKA vjmmr2~


3 Responses to “STAMPS!”

  1. dclyde18 Says:

    Actually thin ice, Astros barrier, and the competition and survival modes of the surf game are for members too ( levels 3+ for ti and ab) that isn’t really fair! Stupid Disney! They’re so greedy about money! They shouldn’t have done the stamps! And thx for posting! I was just about to post but my laptop won’t charge, so ya.

  2. louisbirch Says:

    its kl. shall i update it?

  3. dclyde18 Says:

    Sure if you want and can you also mention The new stamp with the penguin? And I noticed that the penguin was from the club penguin times

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