Penguin Needed For Music Video!!!


Hey guys! I found out that there’s an app for wordpress, so I’m going to post a bit more. Well anyway, I need someone who has a penguin that is a member and that has girl clothes for the music video. Cause I’m not a member anymore so I can’t use most of my clothes. I finished 1 minute of the music vid, and I want to record all of it before the music jam ends. So I really need someone!!!
Until Then… Waddle On!


4 Responses to “Penguin Needed For Music Video!!!”

  1. louisbirch Says:

    soz, not a member :(.

    glad your back!

  2. dclyde18 Says:

    even if ur not a member, wanna be in the music vid? and go to my chat.

  3. dclyde18 Says:


  4. louisbirch Says:

    soz i was asleep.and sure 🙂

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