Music Jam Set Up, Ruby And The Ruby, And New Dclyde18 Tv Episode!


Hey guys! Have you noticed that they started setting up for the Music Jam? They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! You should see them! If you didn’t see them yet, I have pictures:Music Jam Beach Setting Up

Music Jam Coffee Shop Setting Up

Music Jam Dock Setting Up

Music Jam Iceburg Setting Up

Music Jam Lighthouse Setting Up

Music Jam Ski Village Setting Up

Music Jam Snow Forst Setting Up

Music Jam Soccer Pitch Setting Up 

And Ruby And The Ruby Is Back! Here are 2 pictures:

Ruby And The Ruby

Ruby And The Ruby 2

Here is how to get the Ruby pin:

1. Click The Small Door.

2. Click The Filing Cabinet

3. Click The Garbage Can Lid

4. Click The Lamp

5. Click The Book (I Forgot To Put An Arrow For It)

6. Click The Vase

7. Click The Painting

8. Click The Safe

9. Click The Ruby!



Ruby And The Ruby Ruby Pin

Hey! Didnt the Mods say that they won’t bring back any pins???? That they are collector itemsť????!???!!!!?! (They said that in a newspaper last year.)

Dclyde18 Tv In… Bluescreening

(This vid was supposed to premiere at the ceremony, but I was bored.)



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