Dclyde18 Blog Award Ceremony Seating Plan And More!


Well, of course, let’s talk about the seating plan. Here Is A Guide:

Dclyde18 Blog Award Ceremony Seating Plan

As you can see, I used Penguin Storm To get rid of the chat box thing and the buttons.


Now, Here is the new invite:

Dclyde18 Blog Awards 2009 Part 2 Invitation

Does anyone know how to make a automatic changer widget?

Louis Birch, can you tell me ur email? Because I have ur award.

And my hat is going to have a new look too! The pin widget is almost done. And

I made 2 new backgrounds for my chat. Which one is better?

Dclyde18 Chat Background

Dclyde18 Chat Background

Here’s the pin widget:

Pin Widget

I’m sorry if it’s hard to read! The code is at the pin widget page.


12 Responses to “Dclyde18 Blog Award Ceremony Seating Plan And More!”

  1. Wilder194 Says:

    Hey Dclyde18! It’s Wilder194. So still wanna work on our CP TV show or not?? I know I haven’t been on in months but now I’m back. Please reply on my site-www.wilder194.blogspot.com

  2. Wilder194 Says:

    Hey Dclyde.
    You can e-mail me the header once your done– wilder194@hotmail.com

  3. darkbane77 Says:

    hey dclyde i think i can come! 🙂 and u post it on my wordpress site? http://darkbane77.wordpress.com thanks!! 🙂 and also i have my own tracker! : http://darkbane77.blogspot.com thanks!
    ~Darkbane 77~

  4. darkbane77 Says:

    Thanks for posting it on my wordpress blog! 🙂 ill try to come to your party! 🙂
    ~Darkbane 77~

  5. louisbirch Says:

    hey dclyde sorry i havn’t been posting. when i last tryed to post it wouldn’t let me, i can’t make the party as that will be about 11 pm for me and my emails birchlouis@hotmail.co.uk.

  6. wilder194 Says:

    hey dclyde
    sorry for not coming =(
    i actually had to go out tonight 4 dinner and i felt horrible about missing the party.. hope to ttyl

  7. blowsight10 Says:

    Aww damn dude, Im reallly sorry about this. I though the party was on July17th. 😥 Im really srry dclyde.

  8. zachchevy Says:

    hey dclyde! i couldn’t make it i had 3 baseball games!!! Sorry dude!
    ~Zach Chevy

  9. dclyde18 Says:

    It’s ok everyone. It sucked anyway…lol if you wanna see the disaster, email me at dclyde18@yahoo.ca I’ll send it to you.

    • wilder194 Says:

      haha lol i bet it didnt suck THAT bad!
      ok well YT is working for me now and i fixed up the site– not the bg or the design.. just the text in the description. if u dont like it u can fix it up.
      and i was kinda thinking of changing the pass cuz 44coolj1 still knows it

  10. Soup1995 Says:

    hey dclyde. a friend of mine (wilder) told me that u do headers. i was wondering if you could have mine done. it would be great if you could.
    if u choose to do it, leave a comment on my blog.
    p.s.- obv. my blog needs some help. im kinda new

  11. oremovatoma Says:

    I highly enjoyed reading your blogpost, keep up creating such interesting articles.

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