Party Moved, Sensei Tracker, Pin Tracker Being Updated, And New Stuff!


First of all, I missed the party so I moved it. It is now officially on July 14. Remember, it is at Jimmy 2468’s igloo! Server: Fjord. Time: 4:00. Now, the igloo looks kind of weird. And that when I say “Now look at the tv and watch the videos. We are showing the Dclyde18 Blog Year Review and the new Dclyde18 Tv episode.” Now, this is weird, but I put up 2 blue curtains together. So I can use bluescreening to show the vids. Good, right? Anyway, after that, I have toedit the movie. So, you can talk and stuff.

Now, next is my new Sensei tracker!!!!!! It may not be THAT accurate, but I tried my best.

Sensei Is Gone

And of course Im gonna make new trackers for the other people.

Now, you know the old pin tracker? Well, I thought I should update it. So I’m gonna give it a new look and make it better and faster. And finally, the new pin is at the swimming pool and there are new clothes and backgrounds!


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